Lanner House Independent Private School opened its doors for the first time in January 1997 with 15 students, 2 teachers and a music teacher. The school began in the church hall of the Dutch Reformed Church (“Worcester Moedergemeente”). After a year it moved to Malan House across the road, which was leased from the Pioneer School. In October 1999 Lanner House moved to the De la Bat School grounds, signing a 9-year lease with the National Institute for the Deaf.

Although the desire was to extend the lease with the National Institute for the Deaf, this was not possible as they had earmarked the property for development. After months of searching and negotiation, the school signed a 5-year lease with the National Institute for the Blind to use buildings at their Langerug campus.

In June 2014, Lanner House entered a new phase of development in the signing of a long-term lease including an option to purchase with the Voortrekkers. The almost one-hectare site located in Bergsig is close to the Worcester Dam and the Mountain Mill Mall. The Board set about establishing a sports field, renovating the classrooms and christened the site “Mountain View Campus” at a Lanner House Alumni launch in August 2014.

A group of parents established the Independent Schools Trust with Lanner House listed as beneficiary. The Trust through the generous donations of almost R500,000 and more than a million Rand in soft loans was able to purchase and renovate two houses for the preschool. The “Lyons Street Campus” is situated a short walk up the road from the primary school campus.

Today, Lanner House Independent Private School continues to give effect to our school motto “Learning, Growing, Becoming”. Lanner House is renowned as a school that creates a safe, caring, nurturing, loving environment reinforcing family values while providing quality English speaking education along with a wide range of sporting, cultural and musical pursuits in one affordable package.