Lanner House Private Independent School

Worcester, South Africa

Lanner House Independent Private School caters for enthusiastic, committed, positive families who are concerned about overcrowding, poor quality education in government-run schools and the specific lack of English schooling in Worcester. Lanner House School has highly qualified, experienced English teachers who offer small classes for individual attention, a stimulating, well-developed curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities in a safe, well-resourced environment all at an affordable, all-inclusive price! See our PROSPECTUS for more information


Small Classes

Our small classes give every child the opportunity to learn in their own particular style and to grow in knowledge, values and skills.

Personal Development

We are passionate about education and believe that every child should be given the opportunity to develop in all areas of personal development
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Our Vision

Our vision is to continue the success of Lanners House School focusing on our young learner’s who require all the help they can get to make a success of their futures and lay the foundation for the next generation.
It is our aspiration that Lanner House will be a school which fully prepares its pupils for the 21st century through the considered attention to the physical, emotional, spiritual and academic needs of every pupil in its care.
We will endeavour to provide in partnership with parents, opportunities for every pupil to reach their potential.

What Parents Are Saying

  • Grade 00

    Before we arrived in South Africa, we already heard in Brazil about Lanner House, that was an excellent school and they could help my daughter who didn’t speak any word in English.

    Result: We are pleased with everything and our daughter now speaks a very good English.  She told us that now she wants to learn Afrikaans!  Thank you Lanner House you are a blessing to us and our child.

    Sidney Dias
  • What I got in return was so much more! A school is nothing without their educators, and Lanner House consists of teachers that really have a heart for children. The most important thing you can teach and show a child is LOVE. And that’s something Lanner House has lots off. Your are not just a number or face in a pile of forms. The children have the freedom and space to grow and develop their own personality read more

    Adelle Pretorius
  • Grade 000 – Grade 6

    It is our son’s school concert this week! Would you believe that the little boy that didn’t want to take part in his first concert at Lanner House is now a confident main character! You and your team can be very proud of the awesome productions you put on, they are of an awesome standard!

    Tracy Preston
  • Lanner House has very good systems in place. The children are well-cared for and safe within the school environment. There is always a friendly face to welcome the children on arrival each morning and the teachers are always on-hand to chat about any queries or concerns. The pre-school staff as a whole have played an important role throughout the year, and their love for the children and the work that they do is clearly evident. read more

    Iris Acker
  • My 11-year-old son attends Lanner House. It is his 2nd year at the school and it is very obvious to me that he is very happy at the school. In my daily work. I work with adults who have experienced different types of trauma throughout their childhood. The damage that can be done to a child’s psychological development is so subtle and shapes how that child feels about himself or portrays himself to the world. Just being comfortable in his own skin and seeing the confidence in my son has given me a little piece of mind about his future. I feel strongly that Lanner House provides the type of environment for my son to become a well balanced young man.


    Raylene Jansen
  • Our daughter is currently with Lanner house and now in grade 4 and the results and achievements have been fantastic. Lanner Primary school is the only English School that caters for her needs and offers small classrooms with one on one teaching by a team of excellent committed teaching staff. read more

    Jasper Hewitt
    Jasper Hewitt
  • Our experience at Lanner House has been very special and memorable to say the least.  Each and every one of you have contributed to my daughter’s life and future.  My daughter has become quite the young lady and student under your patience and loving tutelage.  The teachers and staff are always available to talk and very professional.  It gives me great peace of mind that she is being well taken care of and challenged academically whilst having fun at school. Coming from Gr000 to Gr6 her confidence has flourished every year.  “Thank You! Two words which are meant to express gratitude but sometimes fail to cover the depth of the feelings meant to be shared, this is one of those times…

    Tania King
  • At Lanner House the students are encouraged to express themselves, both verbally as well as physically, allowing for the individual personalities to emerge. The students in turn become confident in themselves as they are seen and heard, not just left by the way side. read more

    Marcelle van Speyk